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New Age Marketing

The marketing scene is constantly evolving. Every day there are new technologies, new opportunities, and new tactics you can employ to engage with your audience!

But knowing where to be and how to act can be staggering – being everything to everyone isn’t always the answer. Instead, the key is to change approach, to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

It’s about doing the right thing, not just anything. We work to understand the entire scope of an organization so that we can not only recommend the right solutions, but implement them consistently across all mediums.

We believe in focus, in cutting through the noise to find accuracy.

By taking a strategic approach we’re able to help organizations see the whole forest before picking the right trees: identifying the channels, tactics and technologies that will drive your business forward.

What Can We Do?

We execute industry leading digital marketing notions every day, and we love what we do! While it takes a lot of creativity, and thinking outside the box to be a well reputable Digital Marketing Agency, our real edge is being so data driven and analytical. We evaluate every click, click thru ratio, site journey, bounce rate, and conversion to fine tune every single campaign to extract every ounce of engagement and ROI on your behalf.

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Proscale personal dashboard will help you stay in control of your business by giving you visibility into your most important data, metrics and KPIs.


Fitness Academy Europe

Branding / Digital Marketing / Website


Digital Marketing / Website

Laser Nurse Malta

Amazing work. Very effective & their team works very well together. Also work is done in a very short time. Sometimes in hours!!! They are so fast. Highly recommended!!

Nicola Marie Cutajar

Clint Properties

Very professional and fast, Etienne Camilleri worked for me and in less than 24 hours he managed to create the logo, cover photo and the business card. Highly recommended !! One happy client 

Clint Portelli

Fireplay Malta

We are really pleased with our new web-site, functions and layout. It has been tailored to suit our vision and surpassed our expectations.

Christopher Vella

Lillies Lustrous Look

Highly recommend Pro Scale Marketing since both Daniel & Etienne are extremely helpful, super efficient and meticulous! Keep it up and thank you for your great service 

Elaine Cardona Grixti


We’re delighted with our outcomes. that proscale digital marketing has customised for us. Their trend setting and initiative ideas have helped us achieve great results.

Clint Abela

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